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Disney simply fired one of its performers for trying to connect with a 13-year-old son – ANIEN Disney simply fired one of its performers for trying to connect with a 13-year-old son – ANIEN

Disney simply fired one of its performers for trying to connect with a 13-year-old son

Disney simply fired one of its performers for trying to connect with a 13-year-old son

Stoney Westmoreland, a 48-year-old actor known for his recurring role as a grandfather into the Disney LGBTQ-inclusive collection Andi Mack, has been fired from show after his arrest the other day in Salt pond City, Utah. Westmoreland presumably tried to setup a sexual tryst with a 13-year-old guy.

Police states claim that Westmoreland put a hookup software to switch intimate emails with individuals the guy planning was actually a 13-year-old. (Ita€™s unknown whether the boy actually existed or whether police merely put up the visibility to attract folks in.)

Westmoreland apparently requested the man for gender and topless pictures, in addition delivering nude photographs of themselves. The sodium Lake City Police division and FBI Child Exploitation chore power reportedly arrested Westmoreland as he delivered a vehicle via a ride discussing app to hold the boy to their location.

He has since started recharged four counts of working in components harmful to minors and soliciting gender from a.

In a statement, Disney route authored, a€?Given the nature associated with fees and our very own obligations for benefit of employed minors, we now have launched him from his continual part in which he are not going back to run the show which wraps production on their third month next week.a€?

The age of consent for guys is 18 in Utah, though visitors can wed (along with their mothersa€™ permission) since 15.

A little over a year ago, Andi Mack turned into initial live-action Disney Channel show for a honestly LGBTQ character.

Inside showa€™s groundbreaking Oct 2017 episode, Cyrus a€” a friend regarding the showa€™s titular heroine Andi Mack a€” knows that he has a crush on a son named Jonah. Cyrus could also feel interested in ladies, but their attitude compel your ahead over to their buddy Buffy in a regional cafe.

Herea€™s the Andi Mack being released world below:

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This feels like the thing that community officials in Utah, of most places, would elect to developed. Therea€™s nonetheless no verification of whether or not the people *exists,* and there’s no reason of if/how the chap know the persona€™s expected years. And yet, ita€™s now news every where.

Ia€™ve read to not blindly believe copsa€™ research. Cops in Utah investigating intimate dilemmas? Against a defendant who’s a minority? A minority the condition chapel loudly denigrates? Appear the hell on. This demands quite a bit of fact-checking!


Ia€™m not yet determined on what you happen to be wanting to argue right here. If as alleged, Westmoreland was on some app trolling for minors, which really does happen, the police bring any directly to nail him. This is simply not the very first time that a person has utilized these applications to pick-up a small. Cops see this and several authorities divisions bring a bunch which patrols the applications searching for people carrying this out type of thing. Which is not illegal. It’s also perhaps not illegal for a cop to imagine getting an underage minor. It is no different than police pretending become medication purchasers and drawing near to a dealer throughout the street. It is really not entrapment if person detained is really soliciting the criminal act whether it be getting medication, offering medications, buying sex, promoting gender, or just about any other illegal operate.

We agree that it’s not wise to merely trust the cops who authored the document. But the proof will program how it happened. If he was not soliciting gender with a then their attorney have a good protection.


at exactly what aim try a grownup seeking intercourse with a 13y/o A. O. K. with you?


In which in virtually any official signal is actually a€?loss of employmenta€? a portion of the sentencing recommendations? Not making reference to this type of circumstances, any situation whatsoever.

it’sna€™t part of any judicial codea€¦ita€™s an element of the morality condition with his boss. What are you arguing for? You cana€™t truly feel Disney need to keep a pedophile on payroll?

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